About Jack

Governmental Experience: 

State Representative:

  • Committees: Rules Committee, Veterans and Emergency Preparedness Committee, Human Services and Housing Committee,  Energy and Environment Committee,
  • Task Force: Racial Disparities in Housing and Harmful Algal Bloom

Served/serves on: Redmond Planning Commissioner; Redmond Neighborhood Revitalization Committee; US 97 South Redmond Corridor Advisory Committee;  President-Elect of COAR; State Director for the Oregon Association of Realtors; Chairman of Government Affairs; Strategic Planning Committee; and Public Relations

Educational Background: University of Cincinnati & Oregon Leadership Academy

A Family Man: He and his wife Zanthel have two children, Lukas and Maddox, daily reminders for Jack of the need to bring Central Oregon values to Salem.

A Business Man: As a small business owner, Jack understands how Oregon drives up housing costs in Central Oregon and harms small businesses with high tax rates and onerous regulations.

An Involved Citizen: Jack loves to volunteer in his community and is connected with numerous organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity.

An Experienced Civil Servant: As a Redmond Planning Commissioner, Jack has worked hard to bring down the high cost of housing, especially for retirees and others living on a fixed income.

“I would be honored to continue to represent you in Salem” – Jack

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