HOUSING COSTS– One of the biggest problems facing Central Oregonians- especially seniors and others on limited incomes-is the skyrocketing cost of housing. The Salem approach is more regulations, which only increase the cost of housing and more tax hikes, which leave less to cover essentials. As a Redmond Planning Commissioner and as a Realtor, I will fight for reasonable housing policies, fewer regulations, and lower taxes so that Central Oregonians aren’t priced out of our homes and our communities.

WASTEFUL SPENDING – The State of Oregon has become really good – too good – at wasting our hard-earned money. A recent audit shows the Oregon Health Authority wasted $88 million in Medicaid funds. This is on top of the disastrous implementation of the Oregon Health Plan. We simply cannot afford to continue business as usual. As your representative, I will fight every day against wasteful spending.

PERS REFORM – The biggest drain on state and local funding and the biggest excuse for tax hikes is Oregon’s broken PERS system. I will lead the fight to reform that broken system in Salem.




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